Discover South India: Culture, Cuisine, Wilderness Tour

Discover South India: Culture, Cuisine, Wilderness Tour

Duration: 12 Days
cost: ₹ 1,57,000
* per person without airfare

Discover the allure of India’s southern gems with ancient cities, lush jungles, and pristine beaches. Our bespoke tour invites you to unwind in a secluded plantation amidst serene greenery, and embark on a river cruise to spot elephants and tigers. Indulge in the vibrant local cuisine and hospitality at a private resort overlooking the Arabian Sea. Experience the magic of South India as the sun casts its golden glow on palaces, temples, and nature's wonders

Travel Itinerary

  • 01


    Embark on Your Journey to Bangalore

    As you make your way to the airport, vivid images of India dance through your mind. Soon, you’ll be en route to Bangalore, a city where history merges seamlessly with modern luxury. Prepare to explore palaces and spice markets, encounter tigers, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Southern Indian culture. With every passing minute, anticipation builds for the adventures that await in this remarkable region.

  • 02


    Arrival in Bangalore - A Modern Marvel

    Touching down in Bangalore fills you with anticipation as you step off the plane. The city welcomes you with a vibrant blend of contemporary charm, reflecting its close ties to the IT industry. Amidst the modern skyline, traces of Bangalore’s colonial past and lush greenery still endure. Your private transfer awaits at the airport to whisk you away to your luxurious accommodation, where the bustling streets below offer a glimpse into the heart of the city. Bangalore truly encapsulates the essence of India

  • 03


    Exploring Bangalore's Rich Heritage

    Awakening to the aroma of Chow Chow bhath, a tempting blend of spiced semolina and coconut chutney, you prepare for a day of exploration. Your guide leads you on a journey through Bangalore’s treasures, starting with a visit to the iconic Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Spanning 240 acres, this 18th-century marvel showcases over 1,000 species of flora from around the world. As you wander amidst the lush greenery, marvel at the opulent glasshouse adorned with intricate floral displays. In the evening, immerse yourself in the energy of Brigade Road, the city’s bustling commercial hub.

  • 04


    Journey to Hassan - Temples and Tranquility

    Waking up to the tantalizing aroma of poori saagu, a flavorful breakfast awaits before bidding farewell to Bangalore. En route to Hassan, a stop at Shravanabelagola unveils the awe-inspiring Jain statue, a testament to ancient craftsmanship. In this serene town, adorned with ponds and temples, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Jain culture.Arriving in Hassan, your rural village lodge offers a peaceful retreat amidst tranquil surroundings

  • 05


    Arrival in Mysore - A Tapestry of Tradition

    Start your day with a taste of vada, a savory delight heralding your arrival in Mysore. This ancient city, steeped in history, beckons with its vibrant Devaraja Market, where exotic fruits and vibrant powders ignite the senses. Dive into the colorful chaos of the market, where every corner reveals a new facet of South Indian life. Explore the intricate flower market and marvel at the Duffer in Clock Tower, a symbol of the city’s rich heritage.

  • 06


    Exploring Nagarhole National Park - Royalty and Wildlife

    Awaken to the aroma of masala dosa, a tantalizing treat heralding a day of adventure.Begin with a tour of the majestic Mysore Palace, a testament to India’s royal legacy. Then, venture into the Kabini Forest Reserve for an afternoon river cruise, where encounters with sloth bears and serene landscapes await. Embrace the tranquility of nature as you soak in the beauty of this pristine wilderness

  • 07


    Encountering Wildlife in Nagarhole National Park

    Savor the flavors of masala chai as you embark on an early morning elephant ride along the Kabini riverbank. Witness the vibrant birdlife and majestic fauna in their natural habitat. Later, delve deeper into the wilderness of Nagarhole National Park, where encounters with tigers and leopards offer a glimpse into India’s diverse ecosystem.Amidst the lush greenery, find solace in the untamed beauty of the jungle

  • 08


    Morning Safari in Nagarhole National Park

    Embrace the tranquility of the jungle as you embark on an early morning game drive through Nagarhole National Park. Witness the vibrant wildlife in the cool morning air, from graceful deer to playful monkeys. After breakfast, journey to Fringe Ford, a serene plantation nestled amidst verdant hills. Here, amidst the breathtaking scenery, find solace in the embrace of nature.

  • 09


    Exploring Fringe Ford's Natural Beauty

    Wake up to the serene tranquility of Fringe Ford, where mist-clad hills and cascading streams beckon. Set out to explore the plantation’s myriad trails, where each turn reveals a new vista of natural splendor. Marvel at the cascading waterfalls and lush greenery that envelops you in a blanket of peace and tranquility

  • 10


    Journey to Kasaragod - From Jungle to Seaside Bliss

    Bid farewell to the jungle as you journey to Kasaragod, a tranquil retreat nestled along the Arabian Sea. Arrive at the Neeleshwar Hermitage, where palm groves and golden sands await. Spend your afternoon lounging on the beach or exploring the azure waters, as the soothing sound of the waves lulls you into relaxation.

  • 11


    Discovering Kasaragod's Charms

    Wake up to the gentle caress of the morning sun as you explore the splendor of Neeleshwar Hermitage. Indulge in the flavors of Malabar cuisine at Meenakshi, where fresh seafood delights the palate. Spend the day relaxing on the beach or immersing yourself in Kerala’s spiritual culture at the local Shree Palichon Krishna Temple

  • 12


    Departure from Kasaragod

    Savor the final moments of your journey over a leisurely breakfast at Meenakshi. As you bid farewell to the tranquil shores of Kasaragod, carry with you memories of tigers, lush jungles, and serene beaches. Your adventure may be drawing to a close, but the magic of India will linger in your heart forever

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